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I really think many financial advisers steer away from estate planning because they think they need the expertise of a lawyer and that it adds more work. It is certainly not the case when using a platform like Yodal.

Jodie Douglas, Principal Adviser & Co-Founder, Mad about LIFE

This is a real win-win for us and of course our clients. They can take an active role in their estate plan by having access to their files through Yodal. They are also fully aware upfront of the fees (which are fixed) and the payment structure (which is very competitive).

Sasha Burchgart, Founder, Burcheart Financial Planning

Up until recently, I have relied on solicitors to ensure estate planning was covered. We were out of the loop when it came to ensuring our clients’ needs were being fully addressed. Yodal has changed all of that for us. We can now incorporate estate planning into the total financial plan discussion

Sasha Burchgart, Founder, Burcheart Financial Planning

My team swear by Yodal because it makes the entire estate planning process simple, and it gives our clients confidence because they too can take charge of their future.

Cassandra Troy, Director, Robins Financial Planning

Previous arrangements I had for estate planning were not fully digitised and didn’t quite meet what I needed. When I chanced upon Yodal, it was the perfect solution – it is interactive, remote, and digital and exactly what I was looking for. Yodal bridges the gap… It’s good for me, and perfect for my clients.

George Hlawaty, Estate Planning Specialist, Vista Financial Group

We have found Yodal to be really refreshing to use and we are confident it will add more value to our client experience. Compared to other platforms we have used, Yodal frees up our time as there is less to do. If we need to talk to someone, or ask additional questions, it is all included in the price rather than having to pay extra.

Jodie Douglas, Principal Adviser & Co-Founder, Mad about LIFE

Secure. Simple. Streamlined.

Yodal simplicity

Simplicity in fulfilment.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve streamlined a complex process. Our intuitive solutions require limited resources and enable you to focus your time on what you do best.

Control the process.

Stop referring your clients for no return. Easily manage the entire estate planning process from the initial needs assessment to document execution by a specialist estate planning lawyer.

Yodal control process
Yodal unlock revenue

Unlock revenue.

No matter the volume, you will realise the rewards of new revenue and increased client retention by adopting a Yodal estate planning solution.

Reputation is everything.

Every element of the Yodal solution is focused on compliance and defensibility. The streamlined and transparent Yodal processes minimise your exposure to financial, reputational, and compliance risk.

Yodal risk
Yodal succession

Succession is the key.

The wealth of opportunity within estate planning is exponential. Grow your existing client relationships and realise generations of succession through dedicated estate planning.

Real relationships.

Lead every client engagement with the estate planning conversation. Get to know your clients intimately and remove the barriers to fostering longer lasting, deeper client relationships.

Yodal lower cost

Lower the cost of advice.

Offer greater value to your clients by leveraging the technology behind Yodal. Achieve more with less.

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