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Unlock Estate Planning opportunities.

The single solution to protect your clients’ wealth and wishes…

We provide tools to assist with initial and ongoing engagement as well as resources to grow your business and realise new revenue.

High value. Off-risk.

Leverage Yodal to create new opportunities and execute documents with limited resources. All with confidence in our commitment to compliance.

Lawyer agnostic – use yours, ours, or let us introduce you…

Every matter requires a Lawyer to execute the final documents, but the choice of lawyer is yours or your clients.

Elevate your brand with our white label solution…

Give your business or brand the recognition it deserves by owning the client experience and setting yourself apart.

Ultimate flexibility…

Whether client driven, Adviser led, or an outsourced solution, we’ve got you covered.

Improve retention. Create succession…

Create real value for current clients and build relationships for generations to come.

And that’s just the beginning…

Having a dedicated solution to meet client needs, creates enormous opportunities.

Use Yodal to elevate your brand, reduce risk, provide ultimate flexibility, and grow the next generation of your business.

Smart integrations.

Yodal has been developed with an API first approach, making it simple and cost effective to integrate with your existing business or information systems.

Prepopulate client data for increased efficiency, target your client communications for a more personalised user experience, or improve your data quality by ensuring outdated data is automatically updated in your systems.

Speak to our team today about the integration options our solution supports.

Engage at a higher level with…

Yodal Concierge


Engage with your clients and then, Yodal acting as your representative, manage each matter through to completion at no cost to you.

Own the solution and spend your time doing what you do best.

Yodal in a box

Automated marketing at your fingertips.

Attract motivated clients using high quality, emotive, non-sales videos and communications assets.

Try a single strategic message, target a client group, or engage with your clients and potential clients over a 3-month campaign.

Everything you need is in the ‘box’.

Yodal in a box
Social Media integration

Social Media Integration

Extend your reach.

Populate and build your own social presence with over 400 pieces of high quality estate planning related content.

Automate feeds into your own social media channels and drive opportunities through your Yodal solution.


Your success is our success.

By understanding your business we’re best positioned to make Yodal work for you.

We will be right beside you to ensure your solution is set-up, configured to your needs, and your users are trained.

Your team and clients can also access support at any time during your Yodal journey.

Yodal onboarding
Yodal training


Designed to help you maximise ROI.

Estate planning with Yodal is a profit centre in your business, not a cost.
Beyond the initial setup, we provide advanced User and Administrator training. Yodal also offers specialised matter conversation training to maximise your ROI, and estate planning accredited CPD.

Pre-Lawyer Onboarding

We’re ready to partner.

As a solution that is Lawyer agnostic, Yodal will work with you to engage with, onboard and support your Lawyer of choice so that they are as confident as you.

Yodal Pre-lawyer onboarding

Let’s make time to learn more about your needs and discuss which Yodal solution is best for you and your clients