Reshaping the estate
planning experience.

Looking to the future.

To 2050, Australian adults will transfer

$244 billion every year

to younger generations.

This is the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in Australian history.

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Despite the vast volume of this wealth, approximately

Icon Two Thirds

of Australian adults

DO NOT have a current or valid will

and 65% do NOT speak to their children about their wishes.

As a result, it is forecast that


of this wealth will be lost in the first generation…

and a staggering


will be lost by the second generation.

We are on a mission to ensure that your client’s legacy is honoured as they intended.

This means that their wealth is transferred in strict accordance with their wishes for the benefit of their family and loved ones, and it is protected to the full extent of the law.

Meet our adept team of financial advisory, legal, and business minds…

Ian Tindale
Ian Tindale
Founder & Director

Ian has experience spanning 25 years as a lawyer. He has formed close working relationships with industry peers in the accounting, insurance and financial services sectors over the years and ensures Yodal is relevant to their daily practice.

Gavin Barnes
Gavin Barnes
Founder & Director

Gavin models his businesses on the client attributes that inspire him – ambition, drive, commercial thinking. He pours his legal and commercial nous, and passion for innovation, into ensuring Yodal is Australia’s most comprehensive estate planning solution.

Grant Chapman
Grant Chapman

Grant’s decades-long career in the financial services sector has been built on trusted relationships and a deep understanding of his clients’ circumstances and needs. He believes estate planning is essential for the future of his clients as well as his business.

Peter McLaughlin

Whilst Peter strives for technical perfection in his work, his greatest asset is his understanding of how vital human connection is in professional services. As such, he has built his legal career around developing long-term relationships.

Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson
Chief Executive Officer

With more than 20 years experience in scaling high growth technology businesses, Brandon was attracted to Yodal as a business that leverages the benefits of technology to ensure everybody wins, especially our partners and their clients.

Steve Judd
Steve Judd
Sales Manager

Having spent the last 15 years working for some of Australia’s largest financial services institutions, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge about what our partners need to manage and grow their business, while also ensuring they are providing the highest quality of advice for the benefit of their clients.

Emily O'Brien
Emily O’Brien
Systems Architect

Emily is an Estate Planning professional who works with her clients to develop plans for their business or personal situations. She understands Estate Planning through and through, and has ensured Yodal is built to support all sides of the process.

Jeremy Ryan
Jeremy Ryan
Chief Technical Officer

Jeremy has a background in risk consulting, data recovery and forensics and has been building software for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in the development of “software as a service” platforms.

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