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Small financial planning firm with 7 staff

Southeast Queensland

Yodal Pro

Web Integration

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Our team swears by Yodal

Our partner is a fast-growing, award-winning financial planning practice with multiple office locations in Southeast Queensland.

The firm was established in 2019 to service local and interstate clients and employs seven professional staff. They attribute their consistent growth to client referrals.

In the words of the Principal,

When clients put their trust in me, I want to be sure that every aspect of their needs is considered. As often occurs, the complexity of their family situation is overlooked, especially if there is a blended family or a second marriage. We mitigate that entirely by having a fantastic online estate planning tool to rely on called, Yodal. With Yodal, nothing is missed. It also ensures that the client’s accountant and lawyer are involved in the process. It means that the client gets the very best possible outcome knowing there is open communication and collaboration between all of us and all scenarios are well considered.

My team swear by Yodal because it simplifies the entire estate planning process and gives our clients confidence because they can log into Yodal and take charge of their future.

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