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Estate Planning is essential for every step in life. Yodal provides a simple way for advisers to enhance their relationships and ensure clients' wishes for the future are honoured.


Secure, simple Estate Planning, for wherever life may take you.

Yodal simplifies conversations and enables advisers to manage every step of the Estate Planning process. You don’t need to be an Estate Planning expert to ensure your clients’ wishes are updated as change happens.

A once long and complex process is now timely, simple and streamlined. The entire Estate Planning process is pulled together into one platform – from the initial client needs assessment and document recommendations, to the client questionnaire capturing their wishes, right through to the provision of draft documents delivered directly to your chosen lawyer for review and finalisation.

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Why Advisers love Yodal

Enhanced relationships

Initiate new conversations that dive deeper to enhance, retain and broaden your existing relationships.

Control throughout

Own the relationship and stay involved, introducing a lawyer at the final step to keep you away from risk.

Added service offering

Outshine competitors and grow your business with a new offering and revenue stream that keeps clients close.

Built-in expertise

Access all the Estate Planning information you need at every step, making you the expert without hours of study.

Pure simplicity

A once complex process is now simple and streamlined. The intuitive platform guides the process while you manage the relationships.

Commercially forward thinking

As their industries evolve, advisers are embracing Yodal as a way of expanding their offer, meeting the next generation and supporting their businesses into the future.

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