The ‘Living Will’ is a game changer for you and your clients

Our Living Will is a new optional feature that from October you will be able to offer to your clients. Generating additional income for you, as well as major benefits for your clients.

Yodal currently provides tools for your clients to complete their estate plans with your guidance but not the means to proactively review. Clients who take up the Living Will solution will have access to a securely stored ‘shoe box’ where everything important to them is stored, and they have control over who can access it. The secure storage extends beyond their estate planning documents to include passwords, videos, and even treasured photos.

Your clients can review and update their estate plan at any time and best of all 3 to 4 times a year will receive proactive reminders when a review is needed. These reminders are based on the specific data known about the client that are stored in Yodal. Such as, their desired retirement age, children reaching adulthood, or their life plan for paying off their mortgage etc.

Your clients will appreciate that they have ongoing control over their estate plan with the knowledge that key life stages will not be missed and can turn to you for advice impacting on their estate plan. Having an automated feature in Yodal takes the pressure off you and your team as you no longer need to remember each of your key client’s life stage milestones.

We are thrilled to soon have the Living Will ready and encourage you to book a demo now so that you can start the conversation sooner with your clients enthusing them to take up this special feature.