Get insights into how you can easily start the Estate Planning conversation with your clients

Ian Tindale is one of the directors of Redchip Lawyers and has been an Estate Planning specialist for over 30 years. This is your chance to ask him questions on what he is seeing in the market that could be risks for your clients as they transition their wealth to the next generation. 

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Date & Time

Wednesday, 9 August

12:30 – 1PM AEST


30 minutes



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What’s in the Bag?
  • How to protect your clients wealth with an EP plan
  • Top 5 risks to consider in an EP plan
  • Ask an EP Lawyer for advice for Free!

We look forward to you joining our next Brown Bag Series on Wednesday 9th August at 12:30pm when Brandon Thompson, CEO of Yodal, and all those tuned in for an open discussion with Ian about all things Estate Planning.

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