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When benefits equal value.

Our partner is a large professional association that has over 10,000 members. As a member-driven organisation, they rely almost exclusively on membership fees, CPD spending, and events as their predominant sources of income.

To that end, they always look for ways to engage members and add value to their membership.

By providing access to the Yodal solution as part of their annual membership fees, members get more benefits but pay the same.

The Yodal Enterprise solution is established behind the ‘Members Only’ firewall to promote exclusivity and immediate access by being a current financial member.

With integrated branding, Yodal can be recontextualised (right down to email notifications) and consistently reinforces the professional associations’ brand and the benefit they deliver to members.

While our partner incurred a small outlay for setting up Yodal, and they pay a monthly access fee to provide the member benefit, Yodal amortized this cost across a calendar year, equating to approximately $1 per member per month.

The cost of the Yodal solution is fully offset, and it generates additional revenue.

Members pay a transaction fee each time they finalise a matter through the Yodal solution (which is usually passed on to clients). The association can fully offset the ownership cost of the Yodal solution, and generate additional revenue.

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