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Taking it all the way to the bank.

One of Australia’s big four retail banks approached Yodal seeking a solution to deliver an efficient estate planning service for high net worth, business lending, and mortgage customers.

The solution needed to enable the fulfilment of simple estate planning services across multiple sites covering a large geographic area. It had to deliver consistent outcomes, quality of service, mitigation of risk and liability, and minimisation of expense to the Bank.

Yodal rebranded an Enterprise solution and configured it to identify ‘customer life stages’, enabling the Bank to effectively cross-promote retail banking products to customers based on their specific life stage.

The integrated solution offers a dedicated estate planning service, allowing the Bank to realise additional benefits which include:

Yodal is the all in one partner, solution provider, and profit centre.

Learn how we can support your Enterprise to realise the many direct and indirect, commercial and consumer benefits of a Yodal solution.