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Where the law of attraction counts.

Our partner is an established, multi-award-winning, dealer group with ambitious plans for growth by 2024. And while they have over 200 advisers under their AFSL, attracting new advisers remains the key focus to realise their strategic goals.

After several of their advisers individually sought a dedicated estate planning solution for their clients, Yodal approached the dealer group with two enterprise options that would help support their Advisers from a corporate level.

A primary driver for the group is to help their Advisers effectively manage risk within their businesses.

Yodal offers a no-risk solution where compliance and defensibility are at the core of the solution. The mandatory inclusion of a specialist estate planning lawyer to complete every single matter ensures that Yodal ticks all the boxes.

Adopting Yodal enables our advisers to deliver a dedicated new service, generate additional revenue and grow their businesses.”

Leveraging Yodal’s API integration with the group’s relevant technologies will deliver increased efficiency across the adviser’s estate planning service delivery. Integration can include Yodal connections to their CRM to limit duplication of work effort, improve data integrity, and enhance reporting capabilities.

For an investment of less than $20 per adviser per month, the Yodal Enterprise solution will support their current advisers, establishes a USP to attract new advisers, and aligns with their values.

Better still, it’s a solution that generates revenue beyond their total ownership cost.

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