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Where 1 + 1 = 3

Lawyers play an integral part in the workflows within every Yodal solution – a specialist estate planning lawyer must finalise every matter processed through the Yodal solution.

Statistically, estate planning and succession law is the fastest-growing practice area globally. As Australia enters its most significant intergenerational wealth transfer in history, Australian adults will, on average, transfer $224 billion annually to younger generations until 2050.

The commercial reality of the estate planning opportunity is significant.

Yodal is a lawyer-agnostic tool to maximise user confidence and add greater flexibility to our solutions. Each Yodal user and their clients can use their preferred lawyer (provided they are a specialist estate planning lawyer).

Lawyers engage with the Yodal solution because it makes commercial sense as a bona fide referral source.

Here’s how it works:

Matters are predominantly complete before lawyers receive them, so the work required by you, or your firm is significantly reduced.

Efficiencies in finalising matters are realised using pre-populated, formatted, and paginated precedent documents generated directly from the Yodal solution in an editable format for you to review and complete.

Yodal document fees are fixed (and likely lower than your firm would otherwise charge). However, our partner lawyers are still processing and finalising estate planning matters, through Yodal, at an average recoverable rate exceeding $500 per hour.

Partnering with Yodal and utilising the Yodal solution will help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately grow your firm.

Interested in Yodal? Let’s connect so we can provide an overview of the Yodal solutions and discuss training and onboarding.